100 Mile Sportive


Welcome to all the experienced cyclists who are looking to take on our challenging 100 MILE SPORTIVE.

The GSR 100 miles route is the tougher of the 3 cycle routes and will take an experienced cyclist approximately 6-7 hrs to compete. Chapeau Events, the event Co-ordinator, rates this particular route a difficulty level 6 out of 8, which is classed as challenging.

The official mapmyride/GPX links will be emailed to participants before the event but please see the route map below.

Your confidence, fitness and technical ability is crucial to enjoy this 100 mile ride. The profile is hilly in several parts comprising of 5 main climb sections including; the 2 mile section around Brailes Hill, with a 3% average grade, maximum climb grade of 7.4%; the 4 mile section around Snowshill, with a 3% average grade and maximum climb grade of 9.7% and; the 1.7 mile section around Sudeley Hill, with an average grade of 6.7% and a maximum climb grade of 15.3%.

The total elevation on this route reaches 6476 ft and comprises of some technical descents.

Starting from our fantastic ride headquarters THE WALTON HALL HOTEL & SPA  (start time 8:30am). For more information, why don’t you scroll down the page to our video link which will show you exactly what to look forward to!

Time Standards based on Route Length of 105.3 miles (169.5 km)

5 hrs 51 mins
6 hrs 23 mins
7 hrs 1 min
Average Speed 18 mph
Average Speed 16.5 mph
Average Speed 15 mph

Route includes refreshment stops at Hook Norton, Ebrington and Winchcombe


By Blake, previous GSR rider

100 mile - Blake

“There was an excited buzz at the start of the Great Shakespeare Ride, riders squeezing tyres with thumbs to check pressure and repeatedly pressing buttons on their Garmins to ensure every segment available on Strava could be recorded.

After a brief “Good Luck folks” on the mic from the organisers and the obligatory starting photographs, the ride took off.

The start is a motor paced neutralised affair, with ride marshals towards the front ensuring that riders are kept behind in safety.

Once the vehicle peeled off it began, a few of us feisty riders peeled off the front and collected in a little group, swinging through Hampton Lucy and onwards towards Wellesbourne.

Once through Wellesbourne we reach the first “col” of the day – Friz hill, a nice opener that let the legs know exactly what they were in for.

Following this a few miles let us reach a comfy rhythm and we took turns on the front to keep each other shielded from the wind, this took us towards Tysoe Hill, a tricky dog leg climb with an incline increase on the turn – a photographer of course present on this corner to catch our grimaces.

The following miles seemed to tick along quite nicely, whilst our group didn’t stop for refreshments at the feed stops, we did hear they were excellent.

The flow of the ride was then interrupted with a very exciting descent into Winchcombe, twisty, narrow and thankfully traffic free, this descent is still one of my all-time favourites.

Welcoming us at the base was another feed zone, which we again chose to miss, this later turned out to be a big mistake as we were not really ready for what followed.

Sudely hill is the climb that can go on record as “the most gruesome thing I have ever done on a bicycle” (with my clothes on at least). It peaks at over 25% and when we hit it, the heavens opened.

Cold, wet and staring at the stem, I began to swear blindly that I did in fact have another gear to shift into… my groupset disagreed with me on this one. Reaching the top was agonising yet achievable (I later heard many seasoned riders dismounted to walk it) and once crested the sun began to shine yet again.

Fast forwarding towards the end, we took on the infamous Larkstoke hill, a climb with no less than 3 summits! This caught many of the riders out as they rode quickly up the first section and dwindled on the second, keeping a steady pace is key on this hill and will result in you staying ahead and on your bike!

The descent was not as challenging as earlier and took us through towards the final 10 miles.

This featured yet another climb at Loxley (the photographer was back for this one… more grimacing) which took us back towards Hampton Lucy.

Once passed we joined the main road towards the hotel where turning in we were greeted with applause and music and I was handed a medal for my efforts.

My ride was completed with an extensive recovery nutrition program comprising of three burgers from the excellent BBQ and plenty of water, I then donated a small amount extra to use the fine services of the on-hand massage team, whose work greatly speeded up my recovery time leading to no aches or pains the following morning.

As sportive experiences go, I have not ridden anything better than the GSR.”

If you enjoy sharing your results on Strava, the 100 Mile Sportive Route incorporates Lady Elizabeth Hill Strava section – check out the video below to see more!