Team Challenge 2019

Team Challenge 2019

If you enjoy cycling with others and the camaraderie that group riding brings, then our team challenge should appeal to you.

Our four rider Team Challenge is available on our 100 mile and 100 km events. Our challenge is returning for 2019! The winning team will be judged based on the time of the fourth rider home, to promote real teamwork with the group – whether that be encouraging a flagging team member up the final climb or fixing a puncture asap en route!

To enter this challenge you must be a team of at least four, all cycling the same route and have entered your Team Name when you entered the ride. It will be the fourth rider across the line that will give the *team result.

*Where teams with the same name are multiples of four (8 riders or 12 riders for example) – then the first team result would be riders 1-4, the second team result would be riders 5 – 8 across the line, and then a third team result for riders 9-12 across the line (and so on). However, you may want to separate your group into teams of four with individual team names.

If you have already signed up and want to take part in the Team Challenge send us an email at with the names and email addresses of the four team members, plus your Team Name.

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